about the LDK molluscan collection


The LDK molluscan collection is worldwide in scope, with emphasis on localities in Europe and the NE-Atlantic. The collection contains specimens from 271 countries (including islands), currently having a total number of 5122 species, 12998 lots and 53533 specimens. Much of the material has been collected by the owner himself (4604 lots). Substancial contributions have also been made by individual donors or researchers from their international expeditions. The collection contains dry and alcohol-preserved material for anatomical or genetical studies. It also includes type material.

The LDK molluscan collection contains specimens that are valuable to researchers both locally and worldwide. It displays representatives of several molluscan classes (Gastropoda, Bivalvia, Cephalopoda, Polyplacophora, Scaphopoda) with particular strengths in the Gastropoda and Bivalvia. The stock composition is 90.6 % marine, 7.0 % terrestrial and 2.4 % freshwater species with 91.2 % being recent and 8.8 % fossil material. The collection comprises a number of rare and extinct species of mollusks.

Lars David Kellner does not support any invasive collecting methods.